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Rael LT, Bar-Or R, Banton KL, Mains CW, Roshon M, Tanner AH, Lieser MJ, Acuna DL, Bar-Or D. The Anti-Inflammatory Effect of LMWF5A and N-Acetyl Kynurenine on Macrophages: Involvement of Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor in Mechanism of ActionBiochemical and Biophysical Reports. 2018 [in press].

Jensen J, Leonard J, Salottolo K, McCarthy K, Wagner J, Bar-Or D. The Epidemiology of Reversible Cerebral Vasoconstriction Syndrome in Patients at a Colorado Comprehensive Stroke Center. J Vasc Interv Neurol. 2018 Jun;10(1):32-38.

Schwappach J, Schultz J, Salottolo K, Bar-Or D. Incidence of total knee replacement subsequent to intra-articular injection of the anti-inflammatory compound LMWF-5A versus saline: a long-term follow-up study to a randomized controlled trial. Patient Safety in Surgery.2018 Jun 4;12:14.

Salottolo K, Peck L, Tanner A, Carrick MM, Madayag R, McGuire E, Bar-Or D. The grass is not always greener: a multi-institutional pilot study of marijuana use and acute pain management following traumatic injury. Patient Safety in Surgery. 2018 Jun 19;12:16.

Salottolo K, Cole B, Bar-Or D. Intra-articular injection of the anti-inflammatory compound LMWF-5A in adults with severe osteoarthritis: a double-blind prospective randomized controlled multicenter safety and efficacy trial. Patient Safety in Surgery. 2018 Jun 18;12:11.

Bronsky E, Koola C, Orlando A, Redmond D, DHuyvetter C, Sieracki H, Tanner II A, Fowler R, Mains C, Bar-Or D. Intravenous Low-Dose Ketamine Provides Greater Pain Control Compared to Fentanyl in a Civilian Prehospital Trauma System: A Propensity Matched Analysis. Prehospital Emergency Care. 2018 May 18:1-8.

Sater AP, Rael LT, Tanner AH, Lieser MJ, Acuna DL, Mains CW, Bar-Or D. Cell death after traumatic brain injury: Detrimental role of anoikis in healing. Clin Chim Acta. 2018 Apr 6;482:149-154.

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Abstracts accepted to the 77th Annual Meeting of AAST and Clinical Congress of Acute Care Surgery and 4th World Trauma Congress, September 26-29, 2018, San Diego, CA:

  1. The need for trauma intervention (NFTI) defines major trauma more accurately than injury severity score (ISS) and revised trauma score (RTS): data from a collaboratoin of 35 adult and pediatric trauma centers. Roden-Foreman JW; Rapier NR; Foreman ML; Coniglio RA; McGraw CE; Blackmore AR; Agrawal V; Cull JD; Campbell M; Weaver MA; Sexton KW; Hozmacher J; Hess JC; Workman CF for the Trauma Measurement Workgoup, Baylor Universite Medical Center at Dallas. Podium Presentation.
  2. How Safe and effective are small-bore chest tubes at managing delayed hemothoraces compared to large-bore chest tubes? Cordero J; Orlando A; Vogel R; Carrick MM; Tanner A; Bar-Or D. Podium Presentation.
  3. The Impact Of Marijuana Legalization On Risk Of Traumatic Injury. Chung C; Salottolo K; Madayag R; Tanner A; Bar-Or D. Poster Presentation.
  4. ‘Pain’-Ting A Picture: Characterizing Continuous Intercostal Nerve Blocks For The Pain Management Of Adult Trauma Patients With Multiple Rib Fractures. Lynch N; Salottolo K; Koola C; Orlando A; Foster K; Tanner A; Mains CW; Portillo V; Bar-Or D. Poster Presentation.
  5. Is Age Protective Of Losing Consciousness After Concussion: What Can 35,000 Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries Tell Us? Orlando A; Rubin B; Bar-Or D. Poster Presentation.
  6. Satisfaction of Older Adult Trauma Patients and Their Caregivers Before Implementation of the Palliative Care TQIP Guidelines Across Three Trauma Centers: Can we do better? Vogel R; McGraw C; Orlando A; Bourg P; Tanner A; Peck L; Bar-Or D. Poster Presentation.
  7. To Feed or Not to Feed: Enteral Feeding and Preoperative NPO Status among Adult Trauma ICU Patients. Bassa R; Leonard J; Slone DS; McGuire EL; Carrick MM; Madayag R; Tanner AH; Bar-Or D. Poster Presentation.
  8. The Anti-Inflammatory Effect Of LMWF-5A And N-Acetyl Kynurenine On Macrophages: Involvement Of Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor In Mechanism Of Action. Rael MS; Mains CW; Carrick MM; Tanner A; Lieser M; Acuna D; Bar-Or D. Poster Presentation.

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