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Bar-Or D, Rael LT, Thomas GW, Brody EN. Inflammatory pathways in knee osteoarthritis: potential targets for treatment. Curr Rheumatol Rev. 2015. [Epub ahead of print].

Thomas GW, Rael LT, Mains CW, Slone D, Carrick MM, Bar-Or R, Bar-Or D. Anti-Inflammatory Activity in the Low Molecular Weight Fraction of Commercial Human Serum Albumin (LMWF5A). J Immunoassay Immunochem. 2015 . [Epub ahead of print].

Stagos D, Goutzourelas N, Ntontou AM, Kafantaris I, Deli CK, Poulios A, Jamurtas AZ, Bar-Or D, Kouretas D. Assessment of eccentric exercise-induced oxidative stress using oxidation-reduction potential markers. Oxid Med Cell Longev. 2015. [Epub ahead of print].

Hausburg MA, Doles JD, Clement SL, Cadwallader ABHall MN, Blackshear PJ, Lykke-Andersen J, Olwin BBPost-transcriptional regulation of satellite cell quiescence by TTP-mediated mRNA decay. Elife. 2015. [Epub ahead of print].

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Epidemiology Of Traumatic Brain Injury With Glasgow Coma Scale 3: A Multicenter Study. Matthew Carrick, MD; Kristin Salottolo, MPH; Denetta S Slone, MD; A. Stewart Levy, MD; David Bar-Or, MD. To be presented: Rocky Mountain Neurosurgical Society, June 20-24, 2015, Colorado Springs, CO.

Aggressive Operative Neurosurgical Management is Associated with Survival Benefit in Severe Traumatic Brain Injury and Glasgow Coma Scale of 3: A Propensity Matched Analysis. Kristin Salottolo, MPH; Matthew Carrick, MD; A. Stewart Levy, MD; Brent C Morgan, MD; Denetta S Slone, MD; David Bar-Or, MD. Rocky Mountain Neurosurgical Society, June 20-24, 2015, Colorado Springs, CO.

Type 1 diabetes increases odds of venous thromboembolism following traumatic injury. Jan Leonard MSPH, Lisa M. Caputo MA, Matthew M. Carrick MD, Denetta S. Slone MD, Charles W. Mains MD, David Bar-Or MD. To be presented: American Association for the Surgery of Trauma, September 9 – 12, 2015, Las Vegas, NV.

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